SpotWays is a scalable and comprehensive platform. It is modular in deployment and configurable to specific organisation requirements.

Resource allocation, Territory, Routing & Schedule Optimization

Scalable and systematic way to eliminate inefficiencies due to overlapping of geographies, duplicacy of leads, longer routes and unoptimized schedule.

User Cases

  • Customer Sites vs. Field Force Alignment/Mapping
  • Optimized Distribution and Area Management
  • Vist Route Plan & Servicing Optimization

Time & Motion with Geo-Fencing

Gain visibility into your field force activities with real time insights for better execution through our mobile based tracking and geofencing algorithms.

User Cases

  • Tracking Motion, Time and Activity, Attendance
  • Analysis of time-spent and outcome data
  • Customer visits and results analysis
  • Scheduled/Planned vs Deviation of Routes/Visits

Automated Task Management

Manage your tasks on-the-fly on our anytime and anywhere mobile cloud system with easily configurable and intelligent workflows.

User Cases

  • Manage workflows such as customer on-boarding, lead generation, eKYC, servicing report, feedback, etc.
  • Location intelligent attendance on device
  • Audits and Surveys
  • Process compliance

Geo-intelligence and Analytics

Expand your business and field efforts by adding location and time dimensions to your business insights and analytics overlayed on SpotWays library of thematic maps.

User Cases

  • Dispersion/Coverage - Void analysis
  • Distance - Sales correlation
  • Routes/SEC impact on sales
  • Discrete variables impact analysis