Field sales / Service/ Delivery team management

'See' your field resources and assign tasks, enable them to manage tasks, time management, delivery acknowledgement time and motion reports et.

Market Research

Collect data from the field using phone, Centralized data repository, take pictures, time-stamp etc., Analyze response behavior and plan schedule of researchers accordingly

Customized Solutions

Using the SpotWays platform for point of sales, customer feedback, delivery management, fleet and dispatch management, field-personnel management etc.

Vehicle Management System

Manage fleet, Track vehicles, analyze movement and data, assign tasks to drivers, break-down alerts, Schedule management etc.

Solution for Schools

Track your buses/vans and ensure compliance. Geo-fence pick-up spots so that parents are alerted in timely fashion Secure child's pick-up drop and information with NFC Cards


Are you challenged by the sheer burden of managing people? Do you want your HR people to do more value add work than maintaining records and processing manual data. The TeamGrid HR information system simplifies the function of people management using smart solutions. Working seamlessly across platforms, TeamGrid assures you high quality people management system that enables you to save money and time.

Solution starts at as low as Rs.51 per employee per month.

Web Presence: Would you want to have a website that is professional with good UI and communication functionalities? Further, would you want it to be discoverable on search engines? Iridium offers SMEs web solutions that build an integrated website and set it up for online marketing. Pricing starts at Rs.10,000 per year.

Go Social: Does your business have a strong customer connect? Having a social presence is very important in today's times to have a strong customer relationship and drive business and brand value.