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About SpotWays?

SpotWays is a Artificial Intelligence powered Mobile-Cloud platform for field force management. It creates efficiencies, transparency and business growth opportunities for any organization with a field force across industries.

Be it sales, service, delivery, or simple feet-on-street enterprise, SpotWays offers a plug-and-play solution for field force management.

How SpotWays works?

SpotWays uses Mobile phone / Tablet or handheld devices and associated accessories for the last mile execution. This is complemented with a robust cloud infrastructure for management and administration.

Software-As-A-Service (SAAS) model thus ensuring continuous support and scalability

Our field officers now visit only those places where there is a strong chance of adding customers. The color coded opportunities map with integrated CIBIL scores makes the process of business development highly effective. - SVP

Route indexing happens in a jiffy now with SpotWays as a magic-box. Throw-in the customers and loan officers, and bingo… a perfect plan is churned out with impeccable resource allocation, scheduling and routing. A process that used to take reams of sheets and quarter of the year is now a minute job - efficient and works amazingly well on ground with two thirds the staff. ~SVP - Operations